Sony Xperia ZL 3 Kali Bermasalah, Kecewa!

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I HAVE SONY ZL PROBLEMS,  3 TIMES IN A YEAR!!!  come on… My ZL is 12 years old now.  first, A month after i bought zl,  i have shocked,  my phone suddenly dead!! ( Yeah I\\\\\\\’ve been written bout that in this forum,  just check it guys)  So i went service center in Bandung Indonesia. they said there\\\\\\\’s an issue with the battery. about a month my ZL got service. after i got my ZL back, there was another crack. there\\\\\\\’s a black spot on my camera! its like stuck on my camera\\\\\\\’s lens. so i go to sony service center again to complained bout that. and now, after about a year, my ZL Get me shock again!! its start on yesterday afternoon. after i took a picture with my ZL and i wanna review the picture, but it\\\\\\\’s suddenly off!!! the screen going black and shutoff! and its not because my battery was low power, its 70%!!! so how come my phone dead?!?!?? then i try to charge it (like what i do now with the phone). when charged, my ZL can run properly, BESIDE i cant open the album menu, i cant open bbm application, i cant open and connect to Facebook application, there several things that i get know cant work properly!!! when i unplug the charger, my ZL goes down, dead!! its cant power on although the battery power is 100%!! is my zl battery serviced with recondition battery\\\\\\\’?!?!!!  today im gonna check and shout (maybe with anger) complains my ZL issues!!! its so ridiculous, Sony ZL is premium phone with high price! but why its easly broken?! i have android phone with low specs and low price, it\\\\\\\’s about a quarter of ZL\\\\\\\’s price. but till now, its been 2 years, nothing happen, its still work properly!! its hurt me much, i cant believe it\\\\\\\’s happened again with my zl!!! oiya, Sony has BAD after sales product by the way!!!

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